Long-Term Care Collections Services

Collections are where the bulk of your facilities’ missing revenue is sitting. However, improving in-house collections processes can present difficulties for various reasons. More and more operators are outsourcing to experts like LTC Ally to handle their long-term care facilities’ collections.

Our long-term care collections services allow facilities to transform their revenue cycle and reduce accounts receivable days. For your facilities, this means increased revenue.

Read our case study to see the results our collections team has delivered to other operators.

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Take back control of your facilities’ cash flow by leveraging our exceptional collections team.

Long-Term Care Collections Services Tailored to Your Facilities’ Needs

Keeping up with current billing is critical to every long-term care facility’s smooth operation. Our dedicated collections group recoups aged accounts and identifies pitfalls in billing practices.

With our course corrections, outstanding receivables become maximized cash flow. Few others have this acumen.

Take back control of your facilities’ cash flow by leveraging our exceptional collections team.

Our Long-Term Care Collections Services Include:
Recuperation of outstanding SNF, Medicaid, Medicare, and HMO accounts
Complete aging analysis to determine areas of weakness and propose solutions
Identification of current billing issues
Collection analysis
Monthly status reports
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Take Advantage of the Benefits Our RCM Services Provide

Predictable revenue is essential to the success of your long-term care operation. LTC Ally’s collections services have helped operators recoup millions in aged claims and brought them back to positive cash flow.

By employing our collections experts, your facilities will have more predictable revenue, giving facility administrators the flexibility to comfortably respond to rising operating costs. With more reliable revenue coming into facilities, operators gain the freedom to focus more on growth strategies than making sure a building can stay afloat.

Partnering with the most trusted LTC collections team brings the results we’ve delivered to other operators since 2006.

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We Go Beyond Recouping Revenue Locked in Aged Claims

Our long-term care collections services go beyond collecting aged claims. Experts conduct thorough analyses of your revenue cycle processes and provide actionable recommendations that correct existing issues impacting cash flow.

When our teams’ capabilities are fully deployed, you have access to ongoing advice from seasoned specialists in skilled nursing to keep your revenue cycle strategy optimized and your facilities as profitable as possible.

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Is Outsourcing LTC Collections Right for Your Facilities?

Outsourcing your long-term care collections and billing services to LTC Ally means dedicated account managers are working daily with facility staff and corporate-level managers to keep operations running smooth and revenue ticking upward.

Delegating the optimization of existing processes to trusted experts whose sole focus is processing LTC facility collections and billing accurately means better results and improved transparency.

Operators have trusted our specialists since 2006 to bring them a back office with unmatched capabilities.

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